Our Values

Artisan Air Dried

Moccia & Urbani craft dried salami is different.  Not only do we use the best plant based spices and seasonings in our salami, but we allow them to dry slowly and develop to their full flavor potential.

Keto Salami

Our salami is low in carbohydrates and full of protein, good fats, and natural ground spices.

Farmers & Producers

 Our 50 year relationship with farmers and producers has allowed us access to the best ingredients available. 

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Our Process

We start with the best, all natural ingredients.  We add love and care, and 50 years of knowledge. Combine that with modern technology and processes and you get some of the best salami around. 

The Salami

Fig Toscano

Dried California Figs and hints of cinnamon.  Our most unique yet most popular salami.  Free from gluten, nitrates and nitrites.
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Sicilian Lemon & Fennel Salami. Whole fennel seeds.  Free from gluten, nitrates and nitrites.  Pair with sharp cheeses and crisp white wines.
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Smoked paprika and red wine.  Perfect on its own or with a strong red.  Try it on pizza in place of pepperoni.
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Spicy Fennel

Hot cayenne chillies and whole fennel seeds.  Our classic spicy salami.  Free from nitrates, nitrites and gluten.
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A roman classic. Hints of citrusy coriander and spicy chillies. Gluten free, nitrate free, all natural salami.
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Luxurious black winter truffle salami.  Nitrate and nitrite free.  Gluten free.
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Established 1968

We just get better with age.