Salami Variety 4 Pack - Fig, Argentinian, Sicilian, Fennel

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Click on a salami for more info!  Each salami is carefully air dried to 170 g. 

You will not be paying for just water weight with our salami.

1 x Fig Toscano
1 x Smokey Argentinian
1 x Sicilian Lemon 
1 x Fennel

Natural salami made without nitrates or nitrites.  Gluten free. Plant based seasonings.

  • No refrigeration required, great for hiking and overlanding
  • Long shelf life, perfect for your pantry
  • Gluten free
  • Natural & Nitrate Free

Simple Ingredients
Pork, sea salt, spices, cultured celery powder, cane sugar, cherry powder, dried garlic, bacterial culture

4 x 170 GRAMS

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Paul E Marquis

the 4 pack on my first order a couple months ago was good, especially the dry salami, the other 3 were more on the moist side, i should have remembered the one i favoured. now more recently i ordered a 5 pack because the 4 pack was sold out. the promise of delivery is changing daily for 4 days now. the latest changed dates twice today again. I could have waited for a couple weeks more it wouldn't have mattered much to me, but giving me dates that change daily creates anxiety i really don't appreciate and therefore will no longer be a customer of Moccia Urbanu Salumeria

Helene Berkey
Salami variety

I have o ly had one pkg. so far but I it was very good

Yvette Podkhlebnik

very good

Ted Hammond

Tried fig, not my fav.

robert gault
great salami

Nice selection of salami at a fair price. Great quality.